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KAtlasGlobe Class Reference

#include <katlasglobe.h>

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Detailed Description

Torsten Rahn

Definition at line 39 of file katlasglobe.h.

Public Member Functions

void addPlaceMarkFile (QString filename)
QAbstractListModel * getPlaceMarkModel ()
int getRadius ()
Quaternion getRotAxis ()
 KAtlasGlobe (QWidget *parent=0)
bool needsUpdate () const
int northPoleY ()
int northPoleZ ()
void paintGlobe (QPainter *, QRect)
void resize ()
void rotateBy (const float &, const float &)
void rotateBy (const Quaternion &)
void rotateTo (const float &, const float &)
void rotateTo (const uint &, const uint &, const uint &)
bool screenCoordinates (const float lng, const float lat, int &x, int &y)
void setCanvasImage (QImage *)
void setCenterOn (int row)
void setMapTheme (const QString &)
QVector< PlaceMark * > whichFeatureAt (const QPoint &)
void zoom (const int &)

Private Attributes

QImage * m_canvasimg
bool m_centered
int m_centeredItem
QImage * m_coastimg
bool m_justModified
MapTheme * m_maptheme
QWidget * m_parent
PlaceContainer * m_placecontainer
PlaceMarkModel * m_placemarkmodel
PlaceMarkPainter * m_placemarkpainter
int m_radius
int m_radiusUpdated
Quaternion m_rotAxis
Quaternion m_rotAxisUpdated
TextureColorizer * texcolorizer
TextureMapper * texmapper
VectorComposer * veccomposer

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