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// C++ Interface: katlasglobe.h
// Description: KAtlasGlobe 

// KAtlasGlobe provides a globe in KAtlasView
// Author: Torsten Rahn <tackat@kde.org>, (C) 2005
// Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution


#include <QAbstractListModel>
#include <QObject>
#include <QPainter>
#include <QImage>
#include <QPixmap>
#include "placecontainer.h"
#include "placemarkmodel.h"
#include <QPainter>
// #include "clippainter.h"
#include "maptheme.h"
#include "texmapper.h"
#include "vectorcomposer.h"
#include "texcolorizer.h"
#include "placemarkpainter.h"
#include "placecomposer.h"
#include "quaternion.h"

class PlaceMark;
class PlaceMarkManager;

@author Torsten Rahn

00039 class KAtlasGlobe  : public QObject {
      KAtlasGlobe( QWidget* parent=0 );
      virtual ~KAtlasGlobe(){};
      void setCanvasImage(QImage*);

      void paintGlobe(QPainter*, QRect);

      void resize();

      void zoom(const int&);
      int getRadius(){ return m_radius; };
      Quaternion getRotAxis(){ return m_rotAxis; };

      void rotateTo(const uint&, const uint&, const uint&);

// This method provides a way to center on lat = +90(N) - -90(S) and lng = +180(W) - -180(E) 
      void rotateTo(const float&, const float&);

      void rotateBy(const Quaternion&);
      void rotateBy(const float&, const float&);
      QAbstractListModel* getPlaceMarkModel(){ return m_placemarkmodel; };

      void setCenterOn(int row){ m_centeredItem = row; m_centered = true; }

      void setMapTheme( const QString& );

      int northPoleY();
      int northPoleZ();

      bool screenCoordinates( const float lng, const float lat, int& x, int& y );

      bool needsUpdate() const { return !( m_radius == m_radiusUpdated && m_rotAxis == m_rotAxisUpdated ); }

      void addPlaceMarkFile( QString filename );

      QVector< PlaceMark* > whichFeatureAt( const QPoint& );

      QWidget* m_parent;
      QImage* m_canvasimg;
      QImage* m_coastimg;

      MapTheme* m_maptheme;
      TextureColorizer* texcolorizer;
      TextureMapper* texmapper;
      VectorComposer* veccomposer;
      PlaceMarkManager* placemarkmanager;
//    PlaceComposer* placecomposer;
      PlaceMarkModel* m_placemarkmodel;
      PlaceMarkPainter* m_placemarkpainter;
      PlaceContainer* m_placecontainer;

      Quaternion m_rotAxis, m_rotAxisUpdated;
      int m_radius, m_radiusUpdated;

      bool m_justModified;
      bool m_centered;
      int m_centeredItem;


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