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// C++ Interface: texloader
// Description: TextureLoader provides elevation data from a specified file
// (given as a QString) according to the 
// respective input of latitude and longitude. It loads those tiles
// necessary for the given texlevellevel and flushes the tiles on request.
// Author: Torsten Rahn <tackat@kde.org>, (C) 2004
// Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution


#include <QHash>
#include <QImage>
#include <QString>

@author Torsten Rahn

00024 struct TileContainer{
      TileContainer(const QString&);
      virtual ~TileContainer();

      QImage* rawtile;

      bool used;
      int width;
      int height;
      uchar **jumpTable8;
      uint **jumpTable32;
      int depth;

class TextureLoader {
      TextureLoader( const QString& );
      virtual ~TextureLoader(){}

      void setMap( const QString& );
      void resetTilehash();
      void cleanupTilehash();
      void prePixelValueApprox(const float&, const float&, QRgb*, const int&);
      void getPixelValueApprox(const float&, const float&, QRgb*, const int&);
      void setN( const int n );

      void flush();
      void setTexLevel( const int texlevel );
      void getPixelValue(const float&, const float&, QRgb&);
      inline void loadTile();

      TileContainer* tile;
      QString m_fileprefix, m_filename;
      QHash <int, TileContainer*> tilehash;
      int m_oldlat;
      float m_prevlat, m_prevlng;
      int m_n; float m_ninv;

      float avglng, avglat;
      int texpixw, texpixh;
      float rad2pixw, rad2pixh;
      int maxfullalpha, maxquatalpha;
      float maxhalfalpha, maxhalfbeta, maxquatbeta;

      int tilx, tily;
      int tilxw, tilyh;
      int tilw, tilh;
      int posx, posy;

      int m_texlevel, m_oldtexlevel, tilekey;


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