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// C++ Interface: texmapper
// Description: TextureMapper 

// The TextureMapper maps the Elevationvalues onto the respective projection.
// Author: Torsten Rahn <tackat@kde.org>, (C) 2005
// Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution


#include <QImage>

#include "quaternion.h"

@author Torsten Rahn

class TextureLoader;

class TextureMapper {
      TextureMapper( const QString& path );
      virtual ~TextureMapper(){}

      void setMap( const QString& path );
      void setMaxTileLevel( int level ){ m_maxtilelevel = level; }
      void resizeMap(const QImage*);
      void mapTexture(QImage*, const int&, Quaternion&);
      void selectTexLevel(const int&);

      TextureLoader* texldr;
      QRgb* line;
      QRgb* linefast;

      int m_maxtilelevel;
      bool interpolate;
      int n;
      float ninv;
      int nopt;

      int x,y,z;
      int rx;
      float qr, qx, qy, qz;

      int imgrx, imgry, imgradius;
      int imgwidth, imgheight;
      int alpha, beta;
      float radalpha, radbeta;


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