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#include <QPen>
#include <QBrush>
#include <QImage>
#include <QPixmap>

#include "geopoint.h"
#include "polygon.h"
#include "quaternion.h"

@author Torsten Rahn
class PntMap;
class ClipPainter;

class VectorMap : public GeoPolygon::Vector {
      void createFromPntMap(const PntMap*, const int&, Quaternion&);
      void paintMap(QPainter *, bool );
      void drawMap(QPaintDevice *, bool );
      void resizeMap(const QPaintDevice *);

      void setPen ( const QPen & p ){m_pen = p;}
      void setBrush ( const QBrush & b ){m_brush = b;}
      void setzBoundingBoxLimit ( const float zBoundingBoxLimit ) { m_zBoundingBoxLimit = zBoundingBoxLimit; }
      void setzPointLimit ( const float zPointLimit ) { m_zPointLimit = zPointLimit; }
      GeoPoint::Vector boundary;
      void createPolyLine(GeoPoint::Vector::ConstIterator, GeoPoint::Vector::ConstIterator, const int);
      float m_zlimit, m_plimit;
      float m_zBoundingBoxLimit;    
      float m_zPointLimit;    
//    Quaternion m_invRotAxis;
      matrix m_rotMatrix;

      GeoPolygon m_polygon;
      inline void initCrossHorizon();
      void manageCrossHorizon();
      const QPoint horizonPoint();
      void createArc();

      int imgrx, imgry, imgradius;
      int imgwidth, imgheight;

      QPoint currentPoint, lastPoint; 

      QPen m_pen;
      QBrush m_brush;
// Dealing with the horizon
      bool firsthorizon;
      bool lastvisible, currentlyvisible, horizonpair;
      QPoint firstHorizonPoint, horizona, horizonb;
      int m_radius;
      int m_rlimit;

      int getDetailLevel() const;

#endif // VECTORMAP_H

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